Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Deanna + Matt | Stratford, Ontario wedding

The morning of Deanna and Matt's wedding was a little unnerving for us photographer types, as the weather forecast predicted an all-day rain. And although we can work in all types of weather, rain is never fun on a wedding day. Weather conditions aside, we were super excited to work with these two on their very special day, and we packed up a bunch of umbrellas and headed to Stratford.

Well I'm not sure how we managed it, but Stratford missed most of the rain that day! And such a happy day it was - these two lovebirds are nonstop smiles and giddy over each other, and their wedding party was a ton of fun too. And just as we finished up their photos before they headed to the reception, it did start to rain. As if it had been waiting just for them.

Thank you so much Matt and Deanna! Our brief peek into your world left us smiling, and I know you'll be happy together forever. Congratulations!!

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