Monday, February 17, 2014

farmhouse boudoir sessions | london, ontario boudoir photography

>>> careful! the following images contain partial nudity. Maybe not a good idea to be viewing at work, etc.  :  )  If you're at work.. come back later!

A little back story on these images:

Last summer I developed an urge to do a New and Adventurous Thing, and I thought looooong and carefully about whether boudoir photography was for me. We had been getting some inquiries. But it seemed slightly terrifying. Could I do it in our usual style of shooting and still make it work? Could I do it in a way that would be considered artistic, respectful and not pornographic? Would people actually like these photos taken from my perspective?  Etc.

Feeling brave one day, I decided I wanted to host a marathon of sessions to build experience and so I put out a casting call for subjects. Much to my surprise, I booked up all my available sessions that very day. People were excited about this! I was excited about this! I scoured what seemed to be the entire planet for the photo location I was envisioning. I didn't want to use a hotel and I wanted to keep it fairly local, so I was elated to finally find this little vacation house in the country not far from London. 

I decided I would be using ambient light only (assisted by one giant lovely reflector), so these sessions were scheduled during the short daylight hours over two days in early January. I asked everyone to bring along any wardrobe options they wanted, and we'd put it together as we went. With the exception of one, none of these ladies have ever been part of a session like this. It was hard to believe, because they were ALL incredible and so delightful to work with. Hooray for trying new things! And it wasn't scary at all.

So that's how we got here ... and now on to the photos! These are my first boudoir-esque photos, and I think I'm pretty proud of how they turned out.  I'm thrilled to be able to offer this type of photography to our clients and I can only hope for many, many opportunities in the future.

Thanks so very much to these beautiful women for helping with this project, and to Jeremy who helped make things work behind the scenes.


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  1. wow Kristen you are incredibly talented!!!! all these pictures and women are truly gorgeous!!!! Glad I could be a part of it :)
    Fantastic job!!!!!!