Monday, May 27, 2013

melissa + brandon | london, ontario engagement photography

The Old Courthouse downtown London is a super popular spot for photos, but each time we shoot there it always feels a bit different. This was no exception! Melissa and Brandon met us bright and early downtown on a Sunday and we had an incredibly relaxing and quiet shoot as the area was almost people-free at that time on a Sunday. And the pink blossoms just happened to be out which wasn't the intention but easily worked into our session : )

Ahh these two together are something quite special, they have a really cute instantly obvious chemistry going on, I can totally see an emotional and love-filled wedding day coming up!! And coming up fast- they'll be married in just a few short weeks!

Which means we will get to work with them very soon, and I'm pretty excited for that. Thanks so much Melissa and Brandon, so looking forward to working with you again soon : )


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