Thursday, March 7, 2013

amy & josh | london, ontario wedding photography

Young love that evolves into grown-up love seems so rare. High school sweethearts most often remain just that nothing more than little memories from a time when life was simple. A time where a cafeteria chicken burger was pretty good. People grow up ... and along with this comes new opportunity, changes and choices. So when I meet two people like Amy and Josh, I truly appreciate the long-time love they've shared.

After fourteen years together, Amy and Josh were married in front of their dearest, all cozy in the Windermere Manor on top of a snow-covered hill.. like something from a fairy tale! We loved how they got ready for the day together. And how creative but simple they were... most of the details you'll see are self-made. So maybe Amy's flowers wizzled and turned brown after outside pics (a frosty -17 degrees?). This beautiful bride grabbed some random flowers and whipped up a new bouquet without a fret. Their whole approach to this wedding was just the same; worry-free. Our day started early that snowy Sunday morning, but since they had a brunch reception we were home before dark. This was a great start to our 2013 season and we're excited for what's to come this year : )

Thanks Amy and Josh, congratulations!

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