Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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This groom's name is actually Jason. But around here we call him by his last name Fiegehen - always have, for as long as we've known him. I've known him for almost ten years, Jeremy goes back a few years longer than that since the two of them met in first year college. Waaaay back when everyone was just babies. And he was in our wedding party six long years ago. So, as I write this little blog post I've decided that I simply have to refer to him as "Fiegehen"... because calling him Jason would just sound awkward.

A few years ago Fiegehen packed up and headed out west, as so many people in our lives seem to like to do. And one day, we heard that he'd met this girl Laura. Fiegehen doesn't really get excited, but in an instant we picked up on something- this girl was it. So, not surprising that things moved fast and furious and before long we heard that they were engaged. We were over-the-moon thrilled for them, and when he brought her home for a visit it was immediately obvious that you couldn't help but fall in love with this sweet little thing. She's just so adorable!! And crafty and creative. And, most of all, the two of them together just seem to click without effort. So of course we were happy for Fiegehen and Laura. But we were double happy that Laura happened to be perfect for him.

As a wedding photographer, there's a sense of panic when you learn that a friend or family member has gotten engaged. The fear that you've already booked a wedding for that date and you'll have to miss out. To our relief we had their wedding day open, so we planned to head out to BC for a few days in July. They wanted "a few" photos of the day which we'd obviously be happy to provide.

Sometimes when you own a business, the business owns you just a little bit more. It's cliche but it's so true, especially in the startup years. Early this year we found out that we'd be expecting baby #3 in the fall.  A terrible time to have a baby (no offence baby!). We debated what to do. We have this massive whiteboard that hangs on our wall with deadlines and checklists and with a baby coming mid-season plus two little ones already ripping about, things were going to get pretty tight. In the end we decided that Jeremy would go out to Victoria alone, and I would stay back to keep our ship afloat. It would be the first time he'd ever be the solo shooter for a wedding and the control-freak part of me worried. But common-sense Kristen knew that we'd photographed tons of weddings together and this wouldn't be any different. Except for the together part.

Laura and Fiegehen - your wedding day looked phenomenal. Pretty much something a girl can only dream of. A sea-side ceremony and an intimate backyard reception... ooooh gorgeousness! I knew there would be a gazillion crafty little Laura-infused details and prettiness and I hated not being there to see it all in person. Jeremy's photos were definitely the next-best thing to being there and I'm so happy he was able to capture this day and all its goodness. You guys look so happy together. Perma-smile-happy. I can't wait until we drag our kids across the country to see all of our west coast friends and make a stop around Fernie.

Fiegehen if there's anything worth losing you to the west for, it's that little wife of yours and the way she makes you smile.




Hey Whittaker!


  1. Barb Liska, Laura's AuntieAugust 15, 2012 at 8:24 PM

    Fantastic photos! With such beautiful people and settings, you couldn't miss!
    Thanks for sharing them....You are really, very good!

  2. Carol and Doug FiegehenSeptember 23, 2012 at 6:20 PM

    Beautiful pictures Jereme. You did us proud.
    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this special day for our son Jason and his beautiful new wife, Laura