Tuesday, August 21, 2012

darcy + ben | toronto island wedding | london, ontario wedding photographers

It's pretty downright romantic how these two found each other. Darcy's a videographer from Ontario, and while working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean a few years ago, she met a co-worker named Ben; a sweet and extreme-gentleman type of guy who happened to come complete with a charmingly authentic Australian accent. I can only imagine that the dating process while confined to a ship really speeds up that initial getting-to-know-each-other part of the relationship. It was clearly meant to be, and so they've since been building their lives together with a good mix of worldly travels and adventures all of which are documented in a gazillion silly photos they've collected along the way. They make it look so easy although I know it probably wasn't - she being from Canada and he being from Australia. I know there were big chunks of time where they couldn't be together and no doubt they drove themselves crazy trying to envision how it was going to play out in the end.

We joined Ben and Darcy and their guests from around the world for their wedding on Toronto Island. It was a hot, hot day in July but we couldn't ask for a more exciting venue than theirs. We met up with the girls in Toronto where they were getting ready and making DIY bouquets, and Jeremy headed over to the island to meet up with the guys (who ended up getting dressed inside the chapel!) while I stuck back with the girls. We had a private boat escort us to the island- the first time I've ever traveled by boat to a ceremony!  It was such a great wedding. I could go on and on about all the details and work that went into this day ... the cuteness of Ben and Darcy together ...  etc ... however I won't, since there are many photos to explain the day instead. To sum it up, a wedding that I will remember for always. And now these two have headed back to Australia to build a life together, which is pretty awesome.

Thank you so much Darcy and Ben for sharing this day with  us. So happy for you two - congratulations! 

Interesting note about photos below: Our cameras are time synched and these two shots were literally happening at the same time (both Ben and Darcy rehearsing their vows - he outside the chapel on the island, she in the elevator in the city)


  1. I Speak as a Minister, I Speak as a Man, I Speak as a Light and of Love for YOU friends. This Day is YOUR day and this Life you Create has inspired even ME to participate. Sure, they were just words that flowed as I scrolled, you two reminded me of how not to grow old. Be bold in your remembrance of God, and how every step he is there by your side.

  2. absolutely wonderful photos! Great job!

  3. Beautiful pictures...

  4. Amazing wedding and the photos show how much fun we had, the planning that made the day lovely and how much love you two share!