Saturday, July 21, 2012

oliver - chatham, ontario newborn / family photography | london, ontario photographers

His due date was just yesterday. But he arrived a little early, into the excited newbie-parent hands of Jess and Ryan. Sooo tiny (smallest baby I've ever held!) and just perfect. Loved holding him! Oooh his fluffy little head of hair... so sweet. Oliver was 10 days old and still so sleepy, likely on a mission to get HUGE! 

It was great to work with Jess and Ryan again- it was just last year we photographed their wedding.. so this has been what they've been working on in the meantime. Thanks so much for having us guys, it means a lot to us to be asked back. Congratulations, you guys already make awesome parents : )




  1. Love these! Thank you again Kristen and Jeremy. Exactly what we were hoping for, and an amazing keepsake.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful pictures you guys!!! Love them!!
    Lisa B