Thursday, May 3, 2012

little Emma | london, ontario newborn + lifestyle photography

(photographed by Kristen)
I met Emma for the first time when she was just a perfect little bump in her mom's tummy. The second time I met her, she was two weeks old. Baby cuteness rating of 10. Emma was a little roller coaster of alertness and deep-sleeping and simple perfect baby-ness. Babies never cease to amaze me. They are tiny and fragile and resilient all at the same time. They sleep and eat so much it's crazy (and it's no wonder they grow so fast). 

Photographing newborns doing what they do is awesome. I get to hold a brand-new little baby, and that pretty takes the pie for me. Thank you Amy and Chris, It was an honour to be with you guys through this new little chapter in your life. Congratulations!  

Welcome Emma : )


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