Saturday, March 3, 2012

rebecca + ryan | london, ontario wedding photography

I love the story of Rebecca and Ryan's engagement. Getting dressed for a Halloween party, Rebecca mentioned that her costume could use a little more accessorizing. Ryan had just the thing. And the man whipped out a ring. I'd say the outfit was complete.

It's amazing just how unique each wedding really is. Of course there's always the common goal (getting married) but beyond that, the day can take many different directions. For Rebecca and Ryan, it was a sweet ceremony on a cold and dark February evening. Their adorable and so-loveable little boy stole some of the spotlight here with his squeaky shoes and ear-to-ear grins... what a guy! The ceremony was followed by a quick break for a few photos and then back to the meat and potatoes of the event: the party. And what a celebration it was! Rebecca and Ryan knew their crowd well and the evening was planned accordingly. No formal dinner. No shortage of good tunes. A crazy dance floor. The photobooth! Late in the evening Rebecca noted aloud that she should probably do a speech sometime soon; I loved her spontaneity! It's clear that these two have big hearts and surround themselves with the same kind of people. What an awesome job we have that we get to do things like this. Thank you Rebecca and Ryan; congratulations : )


 We always try to get a shot of the totally demolished candy bar : )


  1. Awesome Pictures Rebecca & Ryan! WOw What amazing Shots! It was a beautiful, totally YOU
    Wedding! I wish I could have stayed longer -
    But I can see everyones happiness, and you will be able to cerish these photos - memories, Forever! Really Unique Photo Captions! Tam

  2. I really enjoyed perusing this set. The poses and coverage of the whole day was fantastic. Everything from emotion to the detail vignettes and the crazy photo-booth. Your white balance was excellent, black & white conversions were just that. Black & white and not washed out grey.

    From a fellow photographer it is plain to see your passion. This couple is very fortunate to have had you cover their special day. Your professionalism to our trade is admirable and in my own town even!

    It was a pleasure scrolling forever down the page :)