Friday, September 9, 2011

holly + jay | london, ontario wedding photography

I don't know if I've ever met a couple quite like Holly and Jay. About a year ago I sat down with them at their dining room table to talk about wedding photography. Immediately it was like sitting down with a couple of old friends. And they were clearly excited about their wedding. Truthfully, between the two of them it was Holly who did most of the talking... in the bubbly wide-eyed mile-a-minute manner that any of her nearest and dearest will attest to being so typically Holly. And Jay just smiled at her as she went on about their story, their plans, and their vision. I love weddings regardless of size, venue or style, but this day stands out in my memory as being just a little bit different. A lot awesome. Proof that a wedding doesn't have to be the traditional norm. They wanted it to be more like a party and I am certain that they got their wish. I have a couple of thank you's to dole out here: Thank you Holly, for offering your wedding day footwear to a blister-footed photographer. For offering Jeremy a bite of your sub. Even though we declined both - it's appreciated. Thank you for the friend request right in the middle of your wedding speech! Thank you Jay for being so sweet to Holly. And for being sweet in general actually. To Big Jay (best man) thank you for making us laugh, and laugh some more. And Jess (maid of honour) thank you for demonstrating what a real girlfriend is all about. I have never seen a bridesmaid cry so much or dance so hard. It was as though your own daughter got married that day. Finally, a massive thank you to Holly and Jay, for welcoming us so openly into your lives and for having us with you through this last year. We are so, so happy for you guys : )

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