Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tom + katie | bradford, ontario wedding photography

Tom and Katie's wedding had a very awesome vibe in the air. You could literally feel the excitement. Especially from Tom and Katie. Tom was pretty much giddy all day which was so sweet to see. And Katie's adorable smile didn't leave her face for a second. We headed from London to Bradford for this wedding at Silver Lakes, a venue we had never visited before but very much enjoyed. It was a wedding that was definitely worth the drive and another one of those weddings where we felt as welcome as any guest might feel. Thank you Tom and Katie - you have been a joy to work with (even though we never really felt like we were "working" with you two). Your connection with each other is so obvious and inspiring and I truly feel that is reflected in your photos together. Congratulations : )


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  1. Ben says "sweet, nice cake"!

    Beautiful photos thanks for sharing.

    xo Louise