Friday, August 26, 2011

kristine + patrick | london, ontario wedding photography

From the moment I first met them they emitted pure excitement about their wedding. The planning, the details, the engagement session. The everything-they-would-be-working-on-together-ness. And there is nothing better than being part of a wedding day like that. Kristine and Patrick were married on a smoking hot Friday in London and they fantastically allowed us to drag them throughout the streets and alleyways for their photos. Even when we got snarled at by an angry lady.. they really didn't care. Just kept smiling. Special thanks to the girls at Frilly Lizard who wholeheartedly lent a bit of their property for some of the shoot : ) And thank you to Kristine and Patrick for being so excited about what we do. It means the world to us. Congratulations husband and wife!


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