Wednesday, October 6, 2010

holly + jay (engagement photos)

If there's a Sunday football game on, Holly and Jay are watching it together. I'm sure he sometimes looks over at her and wonders if she's even for real. She just seems to good to be true... because this girl loves football as much as he does. She loves to watch it, play it, and talk about it. She's even in a fantasy football league.  And she also happens to look awesome in a football jersey! Sure they each have their own preferences when it comes to their favourite teams, but this just makes for a more interesting relationship. And some harmless jabs back and forth about whose team is better.

We met them in a random field for their engagement session. We figured it would be a good spot for them to throw a football around with the added bonus of some early autumn colours - and it worked out perfectly. Simple, fun and super-cute. We loved it! Thank you Holly and Jay, can't wait to work with you again next year : )

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