Friday, October 29, 2010

brenda + brian (wedding)

The first time we met with Brenda and Brian, we picked up on something right away. Well two things, to be exact: first of all, this couple was ready to be married yesterday. And secondly, Brian is not a huge fan of the camera! We weren't worried though, because we knew he would be fine with Brenda by his side. Which he was. The wrench in the day was definitely the weather. On their wedding day, it rained. Brenda - being an incredible planner and fantastically organized - had so carefully planned the day down to the littlest details. She had timed the autumn colours just perfectly, and almost every tree was bursting with bright leaves just about to drop... but then it rained. All day. And it wasn't even supposed to rain! (We have pretty much given up on any rain/weather predictions this fall). Anyways - rain or shine, Brenda and Brian were going to be married by the end of it all. Their ceremony took place at the very beautiful St. Mary's United Church, and we ended up there for most of our photos. And just for Brian, there was a derby car pit stop en route to the reception in Thorndale. I don't know what he was worried about, this groom was great to photograph! It was a beautiful wedding, even with the rain, and we loved documenting all of the action. Thank you Brenda and Brian. Congratulations!

Everyone met up for photos before the ceremony
Below: my favourite shot of Brenda + Brian, so sweet : )

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