Saturday, June 5, 2010

josh + melissa (the wedding!)

When we arrived at the farm where the girls were getting ready, we were greeted by little white flower petals scattered like confetti across the veranda. Right away I knew this day was all about the details... and it sure was. The note that Josh had stuck to the wedding gown garment bag. Melissa's cute little brooch that matched her shoes to a tee. All the cheerful flecks of yellow that popped up unexpectedly throughout the day. And probably most prominently, it was all about the carefully-strategized wardrobe of the entire wedding party, from their pewter hues and their cool hats right down to their funky socks. It was such an amazingly sweet and genuine wedding; Melissa burst into tears seconds before she entered the ceremony. And Josh was definitely blown away by his first glimpse of his bride as she walked down the aisle. Throughout the entire day, we just kept hearing him say how beautiful she looked. He said it to her, he said it to us, and I even heard him say it to himself. He was smitten.

To Josh and Melissa, thank you for inviting us to share this day with you. We loved your enthusiasm throughout the wedding-  and the same goes for your very excited gang of friends and family. It's easy to see that a lot of work went into the planning of this day, and it was not in vain. It was perfect.

So many great photos from this wedding... here's a sneak peek:

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