Monday, May 17, 2010

ryan + lindsay ... the wedding celebration

In early April, Lindsay and Ryan packed up and hopped a plane with 50 of their closest family and friends in tow. And they went and got married! On a beach in Jamaica! It was definitely a trip that they would never forget, but they still needed to share their excitement with all the people back home.  So last weekend they had the post-wedding reception with a huge crowd of their nearest and dearest, and we were invited to join them as their photographers. We shot their engagement session last fall, so we knew they could work it for the camera like a pair of pros - but this day was even more fantastic! Must have had something to do with a combination of their newlywed super-happiness and the AWESOME people that they surround themselves with. Who could ever believe that they have been together for over a decade?! I guess by this point they know it's going to work - and seeing them together, no one would disagree. They're just so good together.

Thank you for sharing this day with us, Lindsay and Ryan... we loved it! Enjoy the many, many more decades you will spend together.
           some of the hundreds of shots from the day....

(photo above: the guys are watching a You Tube video on how to properly fold a pocket square!)

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