Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bekki | maternity lifestyle photography | london, ontario photographers

 A common question we get when we're at a wedding... "Who's looking after your kids?"  .... and our common answer: Bekki. This beautiful woman is Bekki. Maker of awesome forts. Snack expert. Fun-fanatic, kid-at-heart, a downright honest and good soul. She has been, quite simply, a gift to this household. There is no one else like her, I swear it. She has been with us for three years and has cared for our three kids as though they were hers. She's snuggled our babies when they were brand new. She is the reason I could relax and focus on shooting when I had a tiny days-old babe at home. We adore her more than words could ever describe. I knew she was in bigtime love when she started talking about this Josh guy and his son Mitchell.. and suddenly it was as though they had been a family forever. I was over the moon when she told me they were expecting. Bekki is a mom! And what a mom she will be. And they are all going to live happily ever after. With Foxy the dog of course. We love you Bekki! So happy you have your very own little babe to snuggle and love.

the Wilsons

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