Sunday, December 8, 2013

Myers family | dresden, ontario photography | london, ontario photographers

This beautiful momma and I go way back. Martha is a childhood BFF of my sister, and for many years growing up, she was pretty much a fifth child around our house. I have so many fond memories of Martha and her family as I spent a lot of time at their house too. When she contacted me to do some photos for her, I hadn't seen her in years - probably over a decade. I was so relieved to discover that she's still the same old Marf I've always loved. And now she's got this amazing little family! Ella and Griffin are two kiddos who are instantly loveable - I felt like I already knew them.  We walked along the river in Dresden and had a great shoot before everyone was frozen and the kids were ready for their candy reward ;) 

Thanks so much Martha - it was awesome to see you guys, and hopefully it's not another decade before we see each other again

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