Tuesday, December 10, 2013

linda and chris | london, ontario wedding photography | london, ontario photographers

Our last wedding of 2013! Linda and Chris were married on a sunny Saturday at the Lamplighter Inn. Before the ceremony, the girls spent the morning at Utopia in Belmont, where Linda's sister works. How cool is it that our bride's sister styled her wedding day hair?! 

It was a perfect wedding. There was no formal wedding party, just a supporting cast of family and friends cheering them on. Their sweet baby girl stole our hearts with all her cuteness and that delightful little walk down the aisle :)

Chris exploded with smiles when he caught his first look of his bride and for good reason - she was stunning! These two were so thrilled to tie the knot. And we were honoured to be asked to capture this day for them. Thanks Linda and Chris, congratulations!

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  1. I somehow came across your website from Pinterest, so I thought I'd take a look at your other work. It's all quite lovely.