Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hazel ♥ london, ontario newborn lifestyle photography | london, ontario photographer

 It has been quite the photographic journey with this little family. We first met Holly and Jay a few years ago - our first year living in London - to discuss wedding photography... and we've since worked with them many times. We've met and worked with their families and friends and have had the true honour of returning to capture each milestone in their little love story.  Our relationship with them has evolved into a solid, awesome friendship that goes beyond the photography stuff, and we are so thankful to have met these two special people.

The news of their pregnancy was pretty much the best news ever. The first time I met sweet baby Hazel, she was only a few days old and the most gooey and gorgeous little lady anyone could ever dream up. And Holly and Jay, in spite of all the exhaustion that comes along with the birth of a baby, were clearly wonderful new parents. Naturals! So calm and relaxed, and so much in love with their little babe. And even more in love with each other than the first time I met their starry-eyed-newly-engaged-selves a few years back.

Holly and Jay, we're just so excited about this little family you've created. Hazel has no idea how much love and happiness is in store for her future. She's such a lucky girl. Congratulations guys- we're looking forward to many years of watching her grow  ♥


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