Wednesday, October 2, 2013

jess, doug and baby gavin | london ontario newborn lifestyle photography

Babies are soooo life-changing. Pregnancy itself has its own pile of excitement- the appointments, the ultrasounds, finding out the gender, the baby showers, getting the nursery ready. And lots of wondering what it will all be like when baby is finally finally ready to meet you. And suddenly you're sitting there holding your little baby that you waited so long for, and you're dealing with a whole new pile of excitement. Trying to decipher various types of crying, how you're going to get caught up on sleep, how things are ever possibly going to evolve into a normal life. But sleep-deprived or not, that little baby has got you by the heartstrings from Day 1 :) 

It has been so special to follow Jess and Doug along on their havin-a-baby adventure. From gender reveal to belly session and now to actually getting to meet little Gavin in person, it has been such an unforgettable experience. Watching them with Gavin, it's pretty clear to see that they'll be awesome parents. A perfect little family team.

So happy for you guys!! Thanks so much for having us along the way. Congratulations :)

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