Friday, September 6, 2013

linda and chris | port stanley e. session | london, ontario photographers

I love love loved this e. session! Port Stanley is such a gem of a location and only a short drive south of London. I always get excited when couples choose to have their sessions down there. On this late summer day, we met Linda and Chris for their session in spite of the weather uncertainties, but I'm so glad we went for it because we didn't get a drop of rain. Some wind, yes, but what can you do.. it's the beach ! And because it wasn't a stinkin hot summer day, the beach was quiet and peaceful.

Linda and Chris are adorable together (as you'll see below) and in just over a month from today, they'll be tying the knot. I am very very excited for that day!

Oh, and you know what else isn't a far drive from London? The lovely hair artist Annie of - Linda's sister, the talent behind these flowing brown curls, and a past bride of ours.. I love her work so much :)

Thanks Linda and Chris! See you SOON!

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