Tuesday, August 13, 2013

heather and matt | windermere wedding | london ontario wedding photographers

This sunny late-June wedding at Windermere would be difficult to sum up in one word. Beautiful? Unforgettable? Perfection? I won't even try. The venue, the dress, the details, the welcoming guests, all of the thought and the effort and the love that was poured into this day only made up a small fraction of what made it so good. The best thing about this day, by far, came down to two people. Heather and Matt share a special kind of love that might make a stranger assume they are in that early stage of a relationship. The way they look at each other (the way HE BEAMS with happiness when he looks at her) and the gentle, loving way they just are when they are together. It is something that is beyond compare. And yet there's also that comfortable friendship they keep which reflects their years of history together. I could go on and on about this very good day but I will end it here and let the photos tell the story.

Congratulations Matt and Heather! Thank you for the little peek into your life, your love, and for choosing us to document this day. We adored it. And you. This chapter in your adventure together is through, and there's a whole new one about to start. Wishing you a lifetime of happily ever after :)


  1. Kristen & Jeremy: We cannot say enough wonderful things about the two of you! You helped to make our wedding day so fun and relaxed - NO STRESS from this vendor at all! These photos are amazing and we are so thrilled to have chosen you as our photographers! Thank you for your kindness and attention to detail. You're the best! See you when we have our first baby! ;)

  2. Kristen and Jeremy, thank you for such an amazing display of our Daughter and Son-In-Laws wedding. You truly are wonderful photographers!