Saturday, July 27, 2013

Melissa and Brandon | london, ontario wedding photographers | FireRock

Not too long ago we had an engagement session with Melissa and Brandon and right then we knew it.

There is definitely something good going on here. These two are simply insanely in love and it is impossible to miss. I think most people want to be this much in love. As well as look this supercute together.. I  mean seriously. So. Adorable.

On a warm and sunny day in June they got all dressed up like a bride and a groom and they met each other under the single tree in an open field near FireRock. Extra-special and emotional first look it was! Brandon appeared to be stunned, as if she was too good to be true. Both were ecstatic. And they lived happily ever. I just know it.

Thank you so much Melissa and Brandon, for having us along on this small but big part of your life! Never stop being so ridiculously in love :)

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