Sunday, July 7, 2013

gender reveal : ) holly + Jay | London, Ontario

First off, Holly you're a beauty of a momma -- gorgeous!! Yow!
It has been almost two years since their unforgettable wedding day and obviously Holly and Jay are still madly in love ... they're just such romantics and I adore it. Was not surprised but was extra thrilled to hear the news that they were expecting  ♥  

We have followed them along in their journey and this baby thing is a pretty big event about to unfold. Soon they'll have a little babe and they have no idea what they're in for. I'm so excited that as a lucky friend to these two I will get to witness this little growing and changing family firsthand. Hopefully get a chance to take a lot of photos along the way. And most definitely snuggle that baby up whenever at all possible : )

Holly and Jay handed over their ultrasound results in a sealed envelope to the Razzle Dazzle Cupcake people, who filled four cupcakes with either blue or pink icing.  It was a mystery and those cupcakes waited patiently for the right time! We did a lovely little gender reveal shoot in a woodsy area near our home. Holly's very best girlfriend Jess and her husband Doug are also expecting a couple of months earlier (see earlier post) and they were witnesses to this event. I'm incredibly excited that Holly and Jess can go through all the baby "firsts" together - lucky ladies : )

Holly and Jay you know we're over the moon happy for you two! So excited for what is to come. So available to babysit if you should ever require and trust that we are not insane.

Thank you for sticking with us even though it always seems like it's "A bad time" around here. It's always like that. Loud. Kids everywhere. Crap flying around..  that is us. And you keep coming back! Thank you for that. You'll find out all about it soon enough in the meantime we'll keep you in shape :)

Congratulations, see you soon, etc. etc.

 Love, love love, love. xoxo Kristen + Jeremy

ps. Razzle Dazzle Cupcakes. The official favourite of every London Ontario mom-to-be 

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  1. love love love! xoxox The Roswell's

  2. I just love all the pictures! Kristen and Jeremy you are amazing!Congrats again Holly and Jay! Love ya,s! xo Nana