Tuesday, April 23, 2013

kendel + mike | sarnia, ontario engagement photography | london, ontario photographers

We adored this early-morning engagement session! I totally wish more people were willing to do a shoot at 8 a.m.

I grew up near Sarnia, and I am always pretty excited whenever I get the chance to go there for a shoot. It was a fitting setting for Kendel and Mike, he being from the U.S. and she from Canada. For this session, obviously we would need to incorporate the Blue Water Bridge that connects us to our American neighbours. But before this, our shoot began outside of town on a dirt road in the boonies. I always tell people that any random dirt road is A-ok for a great shoot, and this is a prime example. The warm morning sunshine promised a beautiful day ahead, and even though there was still lots of snow floating along the lakeshore when we arrived in town, I would say we lucked out in the weather department.

A pair like this is a dream to photograph together.  Real laughs and real love. And didn't hurt that there's the whole adorable-ness factor.

Kendel and Mike it is quite obvious that the two of you have perfect combination of friendship and love. Thank you for being so awesome. We are so very excited for your wedding day and for the opportunity to work with you again : )


  1. Amazing, can't wait until it is my turn so I can hire you guys as well!! Ross family love :)

  2. Amazing pics Kendel and Mike!

  3. Mike and Kendel, Love your engagement pictures. Can't wait till your wedding day and pictures. Love Grandma and Grandpa Quinn, Jacksonville, Florida.
    What a laugh I didn't know what comment button to push.