Sunday, October 7, 2012

Liam - and Heather and Mat | london, ontario newborn and family lifestyle photographer

Babies are born every day. It's a simple but amazing concept. And then they grow, and the growing happens too fast. Babies turn into toddlers and then into preschoolers and then they're having real conversations with you and reading your text messages. And you try your best to remember that teeny little wrinkly baby you met back at the very beginning. Long ago, before the house got loud

Liam is the brand-new center of the universe for our friends Heather and Mat. He came a little earlier than expected. Just to make it clear that he would not be a predictable sort of guy. He's every bit as sweet and snuggly as he looks and since he's just a tiny bit older than our new babe Violet, I'm sure we have some fun times in our future with this guy

Mat and Heather we are so happy for you guys. Liam is a dream, congratulations : )

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