Tuesday, August 7, 2012

linda + brett | port stanley, ontario, engagement session | london, ontario photographer

I love-love-loved this shoot and working with this couple. We were so close to getting totally rained out. It poured in the hours leading up to our meeting time - completely crushing our hopes of that perfect, glowy-magic-hour lighting we were hoping for. With crazy-busy schedules, Linda and Brett weren't likely to be able to find a doable reschedule date (especially with their wedding only weeks away) so we decided to just go for it! When we arrived in Port Stanley, it was still raining and the beach was completely deserted... not your typical Friday evening scene on a beach, that's for sure! My good friend the weather radar indicated a brief gap in the rain was approaching, and sure enough after a few minutes the rain stopped, the stars aligned, and all was good. The sky was still beautifully intense, and other than the massive amount of seagulls the beach remained pretty abandoned for our shoot - much to Brett's delight. He had proposed on the beach so it was a pretty meaningful location for these two. Linda and Brett, you guys were so fun to work with and we're excited to do it all again very soon (less than two weeks now!) 


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