Thursday, July 12, 2012

Canada's Olympic Women's Eight Rowing Team! | London, Ontario photography

When Ashley contacted us to do a quick shoot with Canada's women's eight rowing team, obviously we accepted with excitement. These ladies are quite accustomed to being photographed as a team, but since their sport involves some crazy-hard muscle usage, they're usually photographed in a post-race-sweaty-hot-mess of a situation. They're all gorgeous at any given time (you'd think "good looks" was an Olympic athlete prerequisite) but they were ready for something a little different. So the goal for this shoot was to have a bit of fun and to not be dressed in rowing attire.

For this shoot we met them at the rowing centre on Fanshawe Lake, where they do their training (if you didn't know it already, there's Olympians rowing around out there! So cool).  This is such a genuinely good bunch of women. Fiercely strong. And standing next to them I was feeling like quite a shrimp. And I'm pretty sure Jeremy was too (loooove you, husband!)

But beyond their physical strength, they emit undeniable excitement and energy about what they do, and they are so completely normal. Funny, silly, super-smart, fun-to-be-around types. And to top it off, they can rock a little black dress with heels like it's their job.

It was a huge honour to be given a chance to do something like this for some of our country's greatest female athletes. They'll be leaving the country this weekend en route to the Summer 2012 Olympics later this month and I can't wait to watch them do their thing in the other London.  Cheer them on, Canada! Good luck ladies, and thank you.

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