Wednesday, June 6, 2012

theresa + pat | london, ontario engagement photography

I wish I could write clever things about fast cars. But I don't know a thing about cars other than how to drive one. I know even less about drag racing. I feel like a fool even typing the words drag racing.  Like a little kid experimenting with curse words. I'm awkward. These two could run circles around me in car talk and I'd be totally lost. I know Pat's car is cool... way cool... and (because I'm a girl) a very pretty shade of matte black.

What I do know is that the whole racing scene thing is everyday life for Theresa and Pat. It's the adrenaline in their blood. It is to them what photography is to me. You might think it's all Pat's thing. But no. Theresa's his fan #1, right there with him at every weekend race putting as much love into it as he does. And whether or not I know a thing about cars, I do know a thing about love when I see it... and this is it. I had a really dumb smile on my face pretty much the entire time I looked at this session. I couldn't help it; Theresa and Pat are so crazy good together. They laugh together... a lot. Like a couple of best buddies who were lucky enough to make it work beyond the friendship. They have it - the it that so many people hope to find.

I didn't know quite how to approach blogging this session because it's shot in two locations that are polar opposites; urban vs. nature. And I love both spots. So because I love randomness, it's going to be all over the place.
Thank you Theresa and Pat, for being such cool people to work with. We can't wait for your black + white wedding (stayed tuned for that!!)

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