Friday, June 29, 2012

matt + margaret | engagement photography @ the gladstone hotel, toronto ontario

I love the story of how Matt and Margaret dated. He would be rolling in from work not long before sunrise, and she'd just be getting up to start her day a little bit early so she could see him. So in those wee little hours of the morning, when most of us are still fast asleep, they'd be hanging out and catching up. And even though it's not the typical, it worked for them. I guess when it's the right person, you just make it work. And for them it did - because now, here they are. Planning their wedding and planning the rest of their lives together. Thankfully their schedules aren't quite so insane these days.

Matt and Margaret chose the Gladstone Hotel and Queen Street West in Toronto for their engagement session. Margaret's dad was heavily involved in the restoration project, and besides that, it's a really cool spot. I love London but it's always great to get out of the city - and since we used to live in Toronto, it's kind of like visiting a welcoming old friend.

Matt and Margaret have such a perfect balance of cute-coupleness, and witty humour; it would be impossible not to have a great time working with them. In September we'll hit the road north for Port Severn to work with them again and I'm soooo looking forward to that wedding! Thanks guys, see you very soon : )

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  1. Thanks for everything Kristen & Jeremy! You guys were so awesome to hang out with for the day and we are so excited to have you photograph our wedding in September! : D