Wednesday, May 30, 2012

krystal + jeff | engagement photography in grand bend, ontario | photographed May 16, 2012

I sort of have this photo prop phobia; I'm just afraid of the cheesiness that might occur and therefore try to avoid most prop-type things. But, this session with Krystal and Jeff totally put me at ease with the whole props thing. Krystal had a gazillion ideas for their engagement shoot and batted some options around for months leading up to it... we didn't really know what she would come up with in the end, but the final result was simple, and pretty great. Yes, there were balloons (balloons! The biggest piece of prop-cheese out there!) BUT they worked and they were actually really cute on a beach shoot. Krystal also hand-cut little felt hearts which added some subtle sweetness to a few of the shots. I think in a prop-portunity the key is to always keep the focus on the human subject and not so much the object sharing the photo with the subject (aka - the prop).  The subject here being one girl, one boy, and the amazing thing that they have going on together. There are no struggles to bring out the chemistry between them. These two are beyond cute! So in love (which makes my job easy) and super cool to work with.  They're going to be one knockout bride and groom later this summer! Oh, and they also happen to have a little girl, who looks so much like Krystal it's just crazy. Their mini family session is at the end of this post. It was actually a two-part shoot because we got rained out the first time.

It was so good to get up to Grand Bend; for me it had been a long time. This beach shoot occurred on probably the very last cold day we'll see for a long time. And so much wind! As you may notice in some of the hair styling. But the beach was empty and that was awesome. Krystal and Jeff - thanks so much for coming out twice to work with us. We loved your engagement session and I know it's just a little peek into what's to come at the wedding : )


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