Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Debb, her crew, and her baby-in-progress | family and maternity photography

Every time I think I might live in the noisiest / craziest household in the world, I think of my friend Debb. She already had a baby of her own when she she got married last year  and took on two of Doug's teenage children (plus Doug himself). PLUS they decided it was a good time to get two dogs! And THEN her sister moved in, along with the home daycare she operates. AND Debb has recently launched her own photography business (no small task). And now, they'll be expanding the family with one more tiny little addition very soon. A baby! Debb, you're crazy in a good way; you're that so-much-love-to-give kind of person we all need in our life. So excited to meet that baby in the very near future : ) 

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