Saturday, April 28, 2012

Little McKay | london, ontario newborn and lifestyle photography | photographed April 21, 2012

(photographed by Kristen and Jeremy)

A few years ago we photographed Chris and Steph's wedding. Loved working with them; they're down-to-earth, adorable, and sooo in love in a really cute / non-mushy way. So never in a million years would I ever turn down a chance to photograph this little project they've been working on! His name is McKay, and he's exactly the reason I love babies. Before I had my own littles, I was terrified of them (especially the breakable tiny newborn types) but in the past few years I have become a total baby person. I love their fuzzy little heads and their super wrinkles and yawns and sweet little lips and pretty much every other adjective that describes a baby. He was three weeks old in these photos. 

Congratulations Steph and Chris! You made one beautiful baby.  
And congratulations McKay, you have an amazing family : )


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  1. Wonderfull pictures Kristen and Jeremy. Another precious gift for Gramma and Papa Davis to love and spoil. Photos are just amazing just like Chris and Steph's wedding pictures Bravo