Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just Samantha | london, ontario portrait photography | photographed April 13, 2012

(photographed by Kristen)
We often receive emails from students looking to complete an internship with us to fulfill their course requirements. We are a fairly new business - only a few years old - and so when these inquiries began to trickle in a while back we always responded with the explanation that we felt we were too new, still learning ourselves, and not quite ready to take on a student intern.

Then one day last year as I was replying to one of these students, I noticed her email address. It was clever. Just a tiny random little detail, but it caught my eye. And for some strange reason, I became interested in this person. Erased the email I was writing. We debated the whole internship thing. Thought back to the photographer who had helped me get started. And decided to find out more. It turned out that the photography program at the college required an internship with a business that had been in the game full time for a minimum of three years. We just barely fit that profile - but by the time the internship was to commence we would qualify. And really, there will never (and should never) be a point in the life of our business where we won't still be learning new things. So we went for it. We met Sam for the first time in a coffee shop and we brought along our baby in his baby carrier... because we figured we'd be our normal selves right off the bat. We don't have weekday childcare for our kids and so we work on a constant rotation switching office duties/kid duties back and forth throughout the day and most evenings. Definitely not a 9 to 5 schedule, but we wanted to show her that in the new stages of a business you do what you have to do to make it work. We sat down with her for a sort of informal interview and although we had pretty much decided it already, we liked her right away and she became our very first student intern.

Having a third person along for some of our shoots and in our home working space has been awesome. Sam has inspired me to accept more interns in the future. I can only hope that the next intern will be ok with a baby sitting in on an editing session in his highchair while stuffing his face. And maybe if I'm extra lucky, they'll laugh at my reeeeaalllly lame jokes like Sam does : )

Thank you for sticking it out with us Sam, we know you'll be amazing out there in the post-graduation real world. Check out her beautiful work here and her beautiful self in the post below.



  1. love them! you made me look good haha
    thanks for having me as your first intern, I learned so much from you guys and had fun too! :)

  2. Awesome photos of my beautiful daughter. Thank you Kristen and Jeremy for taking Sam "under your wings" this year. It has been a great experience for her to see how the business really runs! Sam's Dad (Bill)