Monday, April 16, 2012

the borges family | family and newborn photography | photographed April 7, 2012

 (photographed by Kristen)

On the Saturday of Easter weekend we packed up and headed north of Toronto for this family and newborn session. Little Mason was just a month old and a little past the super-sleepy newborn stage, but still very newborn-ish (wrinkly, sweet, and lovely). 

Babies are pretty easy... if they fuss, just let them eat. But when working with young children and a camera, it's pretty much a guarantee that they will expire at some point in the session. They will lose interest, and things will go downhill FAST. Who knew that their dad's idea of squirting whipped cream directly from the bottle into their mouths would be such an effective solution? It makes delicious sense to me.

Thank you to the Borges family for inviting us into your home, and congratulations on your beautiful baby #3. You guys were absolutely worth the drive   : )

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