Monday, March 5, 2012

jenny + mike | london, ontario wedding photography

This will be the last wedding post for a bit as we focus on some other photography projects and building our mini newborn/little gaffer studio. I am eeeee-excited for everything 2012 has in store; we are going to be working with so many cool people this year!

The wedding of Jenny and Mike... (photographed by Kristen & Jeremy)

Jenny totally floored me with her gorgeousness on the day of the wedding. I love love LOVED her hair! And her dress was just meant to be. The girl was prepared with shoes x 3 (because you never really know how much dancing you'll be doing) a running checklist of the who-does-what-and-when-and-what-goes-where, and -bless her heart- the biggest sense of pre-wedding calmness humanly possible. Our awesome intern Sam joined us for this wedding because when I first met with Jenny, she told me it had always been her dream to give a student a chance to shoot at a wedding (so sweet!).

Jenny and Mike scrapped the wedding party thing and instead they had an "informal wedding party" plus a best man and a maid of honour.This allowed both Jenny and Mike to spend the hours leading up to the ceremony hanging out and getting ready with all of their very best friends. The wedding party, had they decided to have one, would have been massive.. so this was definitely a good call.

Jenny and Mike did not want to take a ton of time for photos of themselves on their wedding day. Their timeline held a 15 minute slot for the bride-and-groom part and even though that February day was bitter cold and super windy, they let us pull them outside which was very awesome of them.

Jenny and Mike we are so happy for you guys. Thank you for embracing the Canadian winter weather! And for sharing this day with us : )

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