Monday, January 16, 2012

a year in the life of annie and zach ... and beau (our very first nephew!)

Annie is my little sister and eight years younger than me. I remember when she was born. So when she told us she was going to have a baby, needless to say it was very unexpected. Babies having babies?! But right from the start we were excited for them. A little scared for them too, but we had no question that they could make it work.  And they did. On the very first day of 2012 their tiny little baby made his way out into the world, happy and healthy. They named him Beau. He is absolutely perfect. The best way to start a new year. We are so excited to have a nephew and for our boys to have a cousin! Annie and Zach we are so proud of you guys and we love you all to the moon and back. I can't wait to watch this little guy grow up. He is going to have a very good life : )

The following is a series of three separate shoots from newest to oldest. Starting with Beau at 1 week old, then at the hospital, and then in the belly, and finally a shoot we did when they were just weeks into the pregnancy. As a photographer I am always excited to photograph the people I love but sometimes those photos are hoarded away forever until I can catch up on client work. I'm still not caught up (likely will never be), but these photos were long overdue. 

SO ... here they are. The sweetest new family in the world : )

Beau, 1 week old:

I was waiting at the hospital when he was born and saw him just minutes later! At the hospital:

Jeremy with Beau, me with Beau and Annes:

Aunt Annie and Uncle Zach with our boys : )

Every year as of late, my family has rented a cottage in Bayfield for an early winter weekend of togetherness. This year the event happened to fall on Annie's 32nd week of pregnancy so obviously we were going to do some belly photo stuff. Even though Zach thinks it's weird  : )

Their session very very early in the pregnancy:


  1. You guys look so happy! I'm so happy for you Annie.. you look gorgeous and Beau is going to be so loved! :)

  2. i keep coming back to look at these pics - i have such an awesome family, beautiful on the inside and out! (and so talented too!)