Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new year ... and thank you times a million : )

Our first full year in London was officially awesome.

A lot happened around here in 2011. We got to know a new city. Worked with our first-ever intern Sam! Met so many really good people. Went to so many different weddings. We tackled doubled the work we did last year. Had baby #2! Sent our little guy off to real school... the list goes on. A ginormous thank you to every client and friend and family person for making this a year that won't just blur into the rest.  Jeremy - I know you are an anti-blog-shoutout kind of guy.. but I don't say it enough: this boat wouldn't float without you. I'm so glad we survived that really intense pre-Christmas storm of 2011 : )

Very, very excited to get in to 2012! And now I'm off to celebrate. Happy New Year everyone.. see you soon!


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