Tuesday, November 8, 2011

something new .... gift registry!

 image courtesy of Andy + Amy's sooo good wedding ... coming soon!

Weddings are expensive (to say the least) and the typical department store gift registry is sometimes a little boring for the unique gifter.  So to help out our clients (and their guests!) we are excited to announce that we are now offering a gift registry option. This helps cover the cost of photography services and products like gallery wraps, prints, albums, and more! Gifters can contact us directly to initiate the process and arrange a gift amount and we’ll credit the client account accordingly. If you’re already a client with us then you already have a registry set up- just steer your friends and family in our direction and we will guide them through the process. Each gifter will be mailed out a pretty little card indicating the gift amount, which can be gifted to the couple with their wedding card. Clients will receive registry updates but gifts will remain anonymous until after the wedding date (because everyone loves a little element of surprise!)This registry is also great for birthdays, holidays, baby showers, etc. Truly an amazing gift, in our opinion! 

For more info or to start the gifting process, contact us: photobox@bell.net or 519.690.0142

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