Monday, October 17, 2011

lenna + matt | cambridge/oakville wedding photography

We arrived the morning of the wedding to an almost-empty home. Lenna's dad was puttering around, but the girls weren't back from hair + makeup yet and the house was quiet. We got to work photographing the usual details (dress, rings, shoes, etc.) and just as we wrapped that part up, the front door flung open. And so began the party.  An Armenian wedding day begins with an open house for friends and family; music, laughter, food, and all the while the getting-ready process is underway. It was probably the most active we've ever seen a pre-ceremony location - so much fun so early in the day!  The ceremony was something new for us and something new is always good. And the reception! We loved the Lenna-ness that accented this wedding; she's such a creative DIY girl and her talent and personality shone through in all the details. Lenna and Matt thank you for sharing this very special day with us. It's been awesome to have a little peek into the world you share. Congratulations  : )





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  1. Thank YOU! It was such a pleasure having you photograph for us :)