Thursday, October 20, 2011

caitlin + brad | delhi, ontario wedding photography

Last year Caitlin and Brad had a canoe engagement session. So obviously we knew their wedding would be nothing short of awesome. There wasn't a canoe. But instead lots of other good things: a uniquely beautiful dress and the classiest of bridesmaid dresses. Chuck Taylors and handmade dinner napkins that would later become a quilt. His and Hers bum-flap pyjamas.  And to wrap it all up, a party under the "stars" at the Backstage Capital Theatre in Delhi. Another perfect wedding day with another really sweet bride and groom. Thank you Caitlin and Brad ... congrats : )


  1. These photos are fantastic! You guys look great!! - Erin

  2. Beautiful Pictures! I especially love the one of the old man on the tractor.