Saturday, September 3, 2011

lola + brandon | london, ontario wedding photography

Planning a wedding locally is a pretty big task. But planning a wedding here in London while living in another province? That takes some work. Work and organization and probably some deep breathing. Definitely a lot of phone conversations and emails. Lola and Brandon amazed us. We couldn't believe how a wedding day that flowed so seamlessly could have been planned from the other side of the country. But it was. It probably helped that they have a wicked good support team here who had a lot to do with the planning and it was impossible to miss the love and effort that went into this day. Lola's vision of a vintage-y wedding day was beautiful and I was so in love with all of the details from the dress (!) to the flowers to the everything else. Lola and Brandon - it has been such a great experience working with both of you and we thank you for letting us in on your wedding day. Congratulations : )

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  1. LOVE Every single one of the pictures you took. This was the most amazing day and you captured every moment of it. Thank you so much for being such professional and great people to work with!! All the best, :)