Wednesday, September 14, 2011

debb + doug | engagement photography

Debb and I go waaaaay back to our wild and crazy college days : ) and even though we've grown up a little bit, she still never fails to crack me up. We try to get our gaggle of girls together when we can, but the older we get the harder it seems to be... kids, work, some of us living on the other side of the country, etc., etc. A couple of years back at one of our "gatherings" Debb yammered on all night about this guy Doug - we didn't really think much of it until a couple of months later she announced that she was going to be having a baby!! And she did, the sweetest little girl named Ella. In a couple of weeks, Debb and Doug will be getting married and I couldn't be more excited to be their wedding photographer. I drove down to New Hamburg to do a quick (very quick - like literally 5 minutes) photo shoot of them together before the sun completely set for the night. I have always liked Doug but it was during this session that I saw how much he really loves his girl - there is such a sweetheart in this tough guy. Debb and Doug we can't wait for your wedding... see you very soon : )

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