Tuesday, July 19, 2011

lyndsay + matt | london, ontario photography

Two years ago I met Lyndsay and Matt and I instantly adored them. We did engagement photos for them later that year, and last August we were the lucky photographers at their rainy, rainy, rainy but very good wedding. They just might be the easiest people in the universe to work with. And the nicest people you'll ever meet. So I could only be excited, happy, ecstatic, thrilled and more (to say the least) when I found out they are going to have their first baby. Almost on their first anniversary. It was awesome of them to invite me back to get some shots of this gorgeous belly and the two people who created it. Pregnancy is such a phenomenal but brief moment in a girl's life. It's 40 weeks of waiting and wondering. And a little bit of worrying. And more waiting. It's such a simple and yet beautiful everyday thing. Which makes photos like these very, very precious. Congratulations Lyndsay and Matt.. I can't wait to meet your little babe : )


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