Friday, June 3, 2011

lenna + matt | toronto, ontario engagement photography

We had it all planned out: an elaborate shoot in downtown Toronto, spanning several blocks and numerous locations.. it was sure to be good times. But who did we think we were, hoping for a nice day for our shoot? It just wasn't meant to be. Matt and Lenna were still up for photos though. So our big plan was downsized to a condensed version on account of the wind/rain, and it worked out perfectly in the end. Thanks Lenna and Matt, it was great to visit Toronto again and work with you two in the great outdoors : ) we'll be seeing you at the wedding very soon...

Extra thanks to the beautiful mural artwork of Al Currie at Lee's Palace and to Sonic Boom for putting up with us!

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  1. Thanks for coming out in the rain! They turned out fantastic :)