Friday, January 21, 2011

Marcie + Noah + a little bit of Meatball (London, Ontario Maternity Photography)

Meet the world's most non-pregnant pregnant woman, Marcie - and her little Noah. And Meatball, their bulldog and the first-born child in the family. Marcie asked us to do a surprise session for her husband to document the pregnancy and to get some much-needed shots of herself and Noah together. For the last nineteen months, it's been a family of three plus Meatball, but things are about to change; in a few short weeks, a little girl will make her way into this family. And without a doubt, life around this house will be forever changed. 
We loved this session; Marcie is definitely not your typical pregnant woman (she could probably run a marathon!) and Noah stole our hearts the minute we met him. And Meatball? He's just the quiet and handsome older brother who likes to fool around a bit and then act like he's too grown up to be playing. He charmed our socks off too. 
I know a little girl will only mean more good things for this family, and she will be here in no time. Thank you Marcie, for having us into your home and making us feel so welcome. We loved working with all of you : )

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