Wednesday, December 8, 2010

laura + sean (engagement photos in Ailsa Craig)

For this engagement shoot we hit the streets of Ailsa Craig - which is a very cute little town near London. Back in highschool Laura held a part-time job at the grocery store here, and Sean was an occasional customer with a big crush on her. Funny thing is, Laura admits she doesn't even remember him coming into the store. It wasn't until they were in university that they were introduced to each other through friends... at which point they realized that their paths had already crossed many times... and then they fell in love, and the rest is history in the making. So that was the reason they decided to do their engagement session in Ailsa Craig - and they couldn't have picked a better spot. 
We loved working with Laura and Sean because they are so obviously happy to be together. It's pretty much a nonstop flow of silliness and giggling and cuteness. Thank you Laura and Sean, you were fantastic to work with and one of the many reasons we like our job so much! And we know we will love the wedding next year : )

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