Tuesday, November 2, 2010

greg + leanne (wedding photos)

It takes a brave girl to plan an outdoor wedding ceremony. And to plan on an outdoor wedding ceremony in October? It's almost unheard of. But Leanne and Greg were lucky enough to have a great location (the King Valley Golf and Country Club) with lots of space indoors should Plan B need to be executed. Which was not necessary. Because it was a warm(ish), sunny October Saturday, absolutely beautiful and just right for an outdoor ceremony. We lost the warmth quickly afterwards as the sun started to slip away, but we still had lots of time for photography before it got too cold. And the sunlight was perfect for that glowing-autumn-trees thing that we love so much. The party continued indoors for the remainder of the evening - where both Greg and Leanne put in some serious time on the dance floor.  We always love it when our bride and groom are on the dance floor with their guests! You'll probably notice from the photos that this is one of the happiest brides we've worked with. We have so many great Leanne candids from this day.  For both Greg and Leanne, it was obvious that this day couldn't have come soon enough. They are a perfect fit for each other. And now it's official! Welcome back from the honeymoon Greg and Leanne ...  and congratulations : )

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