Sunday, October 3, 2010

zander + danielle (their wedding in Toronto)

Zander and Danielle met in the ninth grade. And they have been in love ever since. Every time I see them, I almost forget how long they've known each other - they are nothing short of adorably cute together. Combine a long-time love like theirs with a day devoted to making things official and to celebrate that love, and you can only come up with one result: a wonderful, fabulous wedding with a ton of opportunity for great photos. We loved so much about this wedding. Our extra-excited groom with his lime green socks. His sweet and beautiful bride with her edgy-meets-classic look. Little girls with wings on their dresses! A really great wedding party, a room packed with excited guests, and a doll of a mother nature who only rained us out for a total of 5 minutes. Oh, and all the dancing at the reception! Too many Good Things about this day to even list them all. And even harder still to limit our preview shots for the blog.  Thank you Zander and Danielle, you have been an unforgettable couple and we were so lucky to get to work with you. Years and years and oodles of happiness to you both : )

The boys + girls got ready in the same hotel (with no peeking allowed):

This church did not allow flash photography, so the entire ceremony was shot without flash.

Best-ever very emotional hug as soon as the ceremony was over:
Most of our after-ceremony photography was taken right at the church (Runnymede United)
En route to the reception, we stopped for a couple quick shots at the high school where Zander and Danielle met. Back in the day they ate their lunches right here on the front lawn of the school (I know, so cute!):
Then off to the reception in Etobicoke at Strates Banquet Hall 
I can't end this wedding post without mentioning the DJ. Hands-down, the best we have seen EVER. The music flowed flawlessly, and he engaged the crowd and kept them dancing all night. He also treated us to his amazing talent of beatboxing. 
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